Trend Book 197 Custom Cars 1961 Annual

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Trend Book 197 Custom Cars 1961 Annual
Lloyd Myers' 1949 Mercury convertible of San Jose, California. Lloyd was a member of the San Jose Rod and Wheelers car club. The Merc was completed in 1959.
Jerry DeVito's 1957 Ford Fairlane of San Jose, California. The second version of Jerry's Ford, known as the Maze, was completed in 1958, featuring a radical scallop paint job by Bob Heinrichs. Jerry was a member of the San Jose Rod and Wheelers car club.
Sy Gregorich's 1955 Ford Crown Victoria - The Victorian of Detroit, Michigan was restyled by the Alexander Brothers, and was first completed in 1959.
Richard Gregg's 1950 Ford Pickup of Sacramento, California. Restyled by Richard at Rick's Body Shop, the build was started in 1958 and completed early in 1959. The car was shown as "the Capri."
Leo Lyons' Ultra Modern Merc of San Bernardino, California. The build was started in 1950, and completed in the Summer of 1959. Leo wanted to do something different. He wanted to build a custom car mostly from scratch. His initial plans called for building 10 identical custom Mercs, but only one, the prototype, was ever built.
Harry Hoskin's 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air of Maricopa, California. Restyled by Barris Kustoms, the car went trough several iterations. The first version was completed in 1955.

Contents and Featured Cars

Earl Wilson's 1947 Studebaker - The Grecian
Lloyd Myers' 1949 Mercury Convertible
Jerry Sahagon's 1951 Chevrolet
Gerald Twamley's 1954 Chevrolet
Duane Steck's 1954 Chevrolet - The Moonglow
Louie Gaulrapp's 1954 Chevrolet
Harry Hoskin's 1955 Chevrolet
Bill Hines' Bat
Sam Barris' 1952 Ford
Jerry Furtado's 1954 Ford
Frank Monteleone's 1956 Ford
Gary Saunders' 1956 Ford
Jack Smario's 1957 Ford
Dawn Smith's 1950 Mercury
Sonny Morris' 1950 Mercury
Dave Bugarin's 1951 Mercury
Johnny Rosier's 1953 Mercury
Ken Sowers' 1956 Plymouth
Lyle Lake's 1952 Buick - The Blue Danube
Herb Ogden's 1941 Buick
George Sinamark's 1947 Buick
Milton Melton's 1954 Cadillac - The Parisienne
Dick Gonzales' 1955 Studebaker
Paul Lehrbass' 1952 Pontiac
Dick Jackson's 1957 Ford Thunderbird
Shirley Barris' 1958 Ford Thunderbird
Al Gratz' 1955 Chevrolet
Rod Robinson's 1959 Chevrolet
Roxy Pearson's 1959 Chevrolet
Jerry Yatch's 1959 Chevrolet- The Xcidian
Norman Wesp's 1959 Chevrolet
Leonard's Chevrolet's 1959 Chevrolet Impala
Bob Mayfield's 1959 Chevrolet
Joe Burgasser's 1959 Chevrolet
Jim Cirivello's 1959 Chevrolet
Fred LeFevre's 1959 Chevrolet El Camino
Jim Seaton's 1959 Chevrolet El Camino
Barris Kustom's 1957 Ford Ranchero
Richard Lee Tiago's 1957 Ford Ranchero
Richard Gregg's 1950 Ford Pickup - The Capri
Fort Wayne's 1952 Chevrolet Pickup
Jack Rushton's 1941 Ford Pickup
George Hickman's 1938 Cadillac Pickup
R. E. Miller's 1955 Ford Pickup
Jake Melson's 1954 Ford F-100 Pickup
Don Fletcher's 1957 Chevrolet - The El Capitola
Jon Enberg's 1957 Ford
Jerry DeVito's 1957 Ford Fairlane - The Maze
Clayton Crowe's 1959 Oldsmobile
Jim Seaton's 1955 Chevrolet
Jim Doss' 1958 Chevrolet Impala
Raymond Besasie's X-2
Leo Lyons' Ultra Modern Merc
Glen Richardson's 1952 Chevrolet
Anthony Abato's 1954 Oldsmobile
Joe Previte's 1958 Chevrolet
Bob Stonoff's 1936 Ford
Jim Morgan's 1960 Ford
A. J. Lanier's 1955 Ford Thunderbird - The Lanier
Ron Rodden's 1957 Chevrolet Corvette
The Grecian
Louis Schindler's 1947 Chevrolet
Fred Altschuler's 1957 Ford
Gordon Burnham's 1955 Chevrolet
Chuck Potter's 1955 Chevrolet
Sy Gregorich's 1955 Ford- The Victorian
Dick Andersen's 1951 Chevrolet Convertible
Mike Sparrow's 1956 Chevrolet Corvette
Bob Yoas' 1957 Chevrolet Corvette
Ron Rodden's 1957 Chevrolet Corvette
Golden Sahara
Curt Mendalson's 1950 Ford

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