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Art Fortin's 1953 Ford Sunliner Convertible, of Adams, Massachusetts, was started in 1960 and completed in 1962.
Bo Thalinsson's 1953 Ford Sunlinner Convertible of Stockholm, Sweden. Built by Bo, the build was completed in 1967.
Howard Yoshimoto's 1953 Ford Pick Up of Maui, Hawaii. Howard was an expert body and fender man, and the pickup was built at Henry's Auto Body in Wailuku in 1953. It started life as a 1953 Ford two-door sedan front half, and a 1952 Ford station wagon back half. The front was grafted onto the rear end, forming a "Ranchero" type pick up, 4 years prior to Ford Motor Company.
Larry Cantor's 1953 Ford Club Coupe, of California was restyled by Stylers Custom & Jack's Auto Shop some time between 1955 and 1957.
Ray Russell's 1953 Ford convertible of Detroit, Michigan. Restyled in 1953, Ray's Ford featured a 7 inche sectioned body.
Royce Blomberg's 1953 Ford was restyled some time between 1955 and 1957.

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1953 Ford Kustoms

Al Ayala's 1953 Ford
Art Fortin's 1953 Ford Sunliner Convertible
Bill Edwards' 1953 Ford F-100
Bo Thalinsson's 1953 Ford Sunliner Convertible
Bruce Stewart's 1953 Ford Club Coupe
Buddy Williams' 1953 Ford Victoria
Chuck DeWitt's 1953 Ford Station Wagon
Dick DeCarver's 1953 Ford Hardtop
Dick Mendonca's 1953 Ford Club Coupe
Dick Meyer's 1953 Ford
Dick Dean's 1953 Ford Shop Truck
Ed Schmidt's 1953 Ford
Erv Castro's 1953 Ford Convertible
Evelyn Wright's 1953 Ford
Frank and Charles Gilardone's 1953 Ford
Hayward Mendenhall's 1953 Ford Pick Up
Howard Yoshimoto's 1953 Ford Pick Up
Jerry Hart's 1953 Ford 4-door
Joe Siegfried's 1953 Ford Four-Door
Kjetil Kvipt's 1953 Ford Customline
Larry Cantor's 1953 Ford Club Coupe
Otto Rhodes' 1953 Ford F-100 - The Mountain Pearl
Ray Russell's 1953 Ford Convertible
Roger Miller's 1953 Ford
Royce Blomberg's 1953 Ford
Walt Christian's 1953 Ford

Cars using 1953 Ford Parts

Lloyd C. Hammond's 1949 Ford - The Majestic Lady
The Fadeaway Ford

Front Bumper
Wayne Ludmas' 1954 Chevrolet
Kjetil Kvipt's 1955 Pontiac

Rear Bumper
Buster Litton's 1949 Ford

Jerry Vrionis' 1941 Ford Pickup
Ron Fagundes' 1952 Ford Victoria - The Ronbardue Kart

Headlight Rims
Tommy Thornburgh's 1947 Studebaker Champion Convertible
Bill Busch's 1949 Mercury
Neil Emory's 1949 Ford Woodie Wagon
Dick Del Curto's 1950 Ford
Bill Dyne's 1951 Mercury
Vic Sorina's 1951 Mercury
John Taylor's 1956 Oldsmobile

Dave Chavez' 1949 Ford Club Coupe

Meteor Grille
Frank and Charles Gilardone's 1953 Ford

Grille Bar
John Cassaubon's 1950 Ford Club Coupe
Sam Barris' 1952 Ford
Jack Nethercutt's 1952 Oldsmobile - The Viennese
Ed Sloan's 1953 Plymouth
John Hychko's 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk - The Polynesian

Side trim
Jack Nethercutt's 1952 Oldsmobile - The Viennese

Pickup Grille Theet
Ed Sloan's 1953 Plymouth

Rear Quarter Panels
Mandy Holder's 1951 Mercury

Lloyd C. Hammond's 1949 Ford - The Majestic Lady

Lloyd C. Hammond's 1949 Ford - The Majestic Lady

Melvin D'Loss 1950 Ford Convertible

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