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Trend Books.

Albrecht Goertz' 1940 Mercury of Los Angeles, California. Known as the Paragon, Albrecht's Mercury was restyled in 1939. Once completed, it was shown at the 1939 World Exhibition in New York. Albrecht went on to become a noted BMW designer.
Tommy Thornburgh's 1947 Studebaker of Gardena, California was restyled by Barris Kustoms. The build was completed late in 1952.
Albrecht Goertz' 1948 Studebaker Business Coupe of New York. Albrecht's Studebaker was designed and restyled in 1948.
Carl Szembrot's 1950 Studebaker convertible of Albany, New York was restyled by R. K. Body Works around 1951-1952. The rear end of the car was inspired by the 1951 Gm LeSabre concept car.
Glenn Johnson's 1937 Ford Coupe of Las Vegas, Nevada. The build was started in 1947, and completed it in 1951.

Trend Book No. 105 - Restyle Your Car was published by the editors of Motor Trend in 1952.

Contents and Featured Cars

Jim Going's 1951 Ford
Var Martin's 1941 Buick
Wes Collins' 1934 Ford Roadster
Al Williams' Cadillac
Joe Gollman's 1941 Mercury
Anthony Heinsbergen's Muntz
A. H. Crossett's Custom
Chive Motors' Studebaker
Jim Skonzakes' 1949 Buick
William Heermance's Custom
Hal Baud's 1950 Oldsmobile 88
Nick Di Tillio's Custom
Louie Bettancourt's 1949 Mercury
Sam Barris' 1949 Mercury
Irv Poole and Jack Conner's 1941 Ford
1951 GM LeSabre
Packard Pan-American
1951 Buick XP-300
The Excalibur
The Continental 195X
1951 Chrysler K-310
Albrecht Goertz's 1948 Studebaker Business Coupe
Reni Loranger's Ford
Ralph Testa's 1950 Mercury
Wally Welch's 1950 Mercury
WM. Cole's 1942 Mercury
Larry Ernst's 1951 Chevrolet - The Bel Air Royal
Dick Thanstrom's 1950 Ford
Mahi's 1941 Nash
Peter Stengel's Ford
Bob Alexander's 1948 Plymouth
Woodrow Frantz' Ford
Peter Stengel's Mercury
Reni Loranger's Car
Ralph Cissner's Studebaker
Raymond Loewy's Custom
Ted's Body Shop's 1939 DeSoto
Wilkin's 1950 Oldsmobile
Frank W. Trembly's LeSabre look alike
Raymond Loewy's Studebaker
Reni Loranger's 1950 Ford
Munroe-Zeder's Chrysler
Earle Thompson's Buick
Glenn Johnson's 1937 Ford
Shrimplin's Tucker Custom Lookalike
Richard Harps' Custom
Charles Martz' Custom
Charles Durso's Speedster
Dick Seifried's Racecar
Eric Irwin's Lancer
Bob Adams' 1936 Oldsmobile
Stanley Davidson's Custom
W. W. Peterson's Sportscustom
Reni Loranger's 1950 Ford
Dina Mozza's 1949 Mercury
Donz Lancer
Charles Eli's 1951 Ford
Wally Troy's 1950 Oldsmobile Convertible - The Troy Special
Raymond Jones' 1949 Pontiac
F. B. Furlong 1951 Ford
William Heermance's 1950 Studebaker
Thomas Douglas' 1950 Ford
Glenn Stauffer's 1949 Chevrolet
Monroe Zeder's Chrysler
Dunrite Auto Body's 1948 Buick
Miller Brewing's Cadillac
Spencer Murray's 1949 Chevrolet
Marion Martin's Chevrolet
John Cangelier's Chevrolet
Sig Monson's 1949 Dodge
Jim Chapkis' 1940 Ford Coupe
Ivo Archuleta's 1949 Ford
Woodrow Frantz' Ford
J. A. Wright's 1949 Ford
Bob Bowen 1950 Ford
Bruce Riddle's 1951 Kaiser
Alice Buckner's 1951 Henry J
L. Leroy's Henry J
Marv Hinson's 1941 Lincoln
Tom Blakiston's Mercury
Ray Birky's 1950 Mercury
Louie Erk's 1940 Mercury
Albrecht Goertz' 1940 Mercury
Bob Roy's 1949 Mercury
Wayne Bolin's 1950 Nash
James L. Price's 1950 Oldsmobile
George Rey's 1950 Oldsmobile
Dale Fulkerson's 1949 Packard
Russ Runie's 1951 Packard
Emory Bozzani's 1952 Plymouth Sedan
Alvin Kinter's 1950 Plymouth
Bruce Riddle's 1949 Pontiac
Raymond Loewy's 1951 Studebaker
Albrecht Goertz' 1948 Studebaker
Tommy Thornburgh's 1947 Studebaker Champion Convertible
Bill Taylor's 1949 Chevrolet
Glenn Stauffer's 1949 Chevrolet Convertible
Carl Szembrot's 1950 Studebaker Convertible


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