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Anthony Castaneda's Brown Neck Bandito. In the late 1990s, a show rod renaissance was underway, and one of the pioneers leading the way was Shifters car club member Anthony Castaneda. With roots going back to 1992, the Shifters of Southern California are known as the first nostalgia hot rod club for the younger guys being at the forefront of the revived traditional hot rod and custom car movement. Anthony’s contribution to the renaissance was a green Metalflaked homage to Ed Roth called the Brown Neck Bandito. The Brown Neck Bandito ignited a spark amongst a brand new generation of bubble top fans, fans that just knew Ed Roth’s wild builds through magazines and old photos. The car was shown partially completed at the 2nd annual Anti-Blessing in 2000.
Henrik Forss' Bucket T of Stockholm, Sweden. The first version of Henrik's T Bucket was completed in the Summer of 2001.
Henrik Forss' Bucket T of Stockholm, Sweden. The second version of Henrik's T Bucket was completed late in 2001.
Junichi Shimodaira's 1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan of Nagoya, Japan. The car, known as Rod Riguez was built by Junichi at his shop Paradise Road. The first version of Rod Riguez was completed in December of 2002.
Mark Moriarity's Futurian of Mound, Minnesota. After restoring the Rotar and the Road Agent, Mark Moriarity figured he would try his hand at a show car of his own in 1998. Named Futurian, the sensational build was completed in 2001, making way for a handful of other self-penned Roth fiberglass tribute builds.
Sid Kayman's 1932 Ford Roadster of St. Louis, Missouri. Sid bought the car in 1944 or 1945, and it had already been channeled and hot-rodded when he bought it. By 1956 or 1957 the car had found its way to Fort Worth, Texas. Don Newhouse came across it in a backyard in a local neighborhood. He bought it and got it back on the road again. It changed hands a couple of times before it went into storage in the 1960. In 1994 Karl came across the car. He bought the old hot rod. Karl rebuilt it, changing it to his own vision of a hiboy. The build was completed in 2002.
Frank Livingston's 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline, the Caribbean II, of San Leandro, California. Frank's fourth 1949 Chevrolet was built as a recreation of his first 1949 Chevrolet, the Caribbean. The recreation was restyled by OZ Welch, and the build was completed in 2002.
Richard Zocchi's Second 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix was restyled by Lucky 7 Custom for Richard Zocchi of Walnut Creek, California. The car was built as a chopped clone of a 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix that Gene Winfield restyled for Zocchi in 1962. The build was completed in 2002.
Junichi Shimodaira's 1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan of Nagoya, Japan. The car, known as Rod Riguez was built by Junichi at his shop Paradise Road. The second version of Rod Riguez was completed in 2003.
Nick Phillips' 1955 Chevrolet convertible was restyled by Bo Huff at Bo Huff Customs. Completed in 2004, the car is a clone of Sam Barris' 1955 Chevrolet convertible as it appeared while Stan Robles owned it.
The first annual Jokers Car Show was held June 5th, 2004 in Tidaholm, Sweden.
Bob Benn's 1936 Ford 3 Window Coupe
Fritz Schecnk's Roswell Rod. In 2005 Fritz Schenck debuted a fiberglass bubble top show rod called the Roswell Rod at the Detroit Autorama. At the show, The Roswell Rod was shown next to a clone of The Mysterion that Dave Shuten had just completed.
Dave Shuten's New Mysterion is a recreation of Ed Roth's Mysterion. Dave's Mysterion made its debut at the 2005 Detroit Autorama.
Darrel Panfil's Munster Koach is a tribute to the original Munster Koach that Barris Kustoms built for The Munsters television series in 1964. Since he was a 10 yr old kid, Darrel Panfil of Lombard, Illinois watched The Munsters and was infatuated with The Munster Koach. He started researching details in 1991. In 2003 he started the build. With good help from his three brothers, the build was completed in 2005.
Bill Layman's 1954 Mercury of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. Inspiration for the build came from Dick Jackson's 1954 Mercury. Bill's Merc was completed in 2005.
Gary Fioto's 1955 Ford of Long Island, New York. The car is known as The Beatnik and it was built by Gary “Chopit” Fioto. As a kid growing up, Fioto was fascinated with bubble tops, particularly those of Darryl Starbird. When he decided to finally build his own bubble top he decided to base it on a 1955 Ford custom. The body was heavily massaged before Fioto fit it with a large blown bubble. The build was completed in 2005, and in 2006 Fito’s Beatnik won the coveted $20,000 Grand Prize at Darryl Starbird’s National Rod and Custom Car Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Lasse Mäenpää's 1958 Chevrolet Impala was given a Watson inspired paint job by Pekka Wizzard Mannermaa in 2005.
Dave Shuten's Astrosled. After building a clone of the Mysterion, Dave Shuten decided to build an Ed Roth inspired build after his own design. Dave spent ten months in 2007 building the Astrosled in his Michigan home garage.
Aaron Grote's Atomic Punk of Cerro Gordo, Illinois. In 2008 Aaron Grote debuted the Atomic Punk. Built from a cut-down and narrowed 1959 Plymouth, the Atomic Punk didn’t follow the old rulebook, and it was a fresh blend between traditional 1960s show rods and Ed Roth’s famous bubble top builds. It inspired a new generation of show car builders, and a small army of Atomic Punk inspired cars, both with and without bubble tops, were built the following decade.
Vic Collins' 1955 Chevrolet truck of Rahway, New Jersey. Vic's truck is a clone of George Barris' 1955 Chevrolet truck, the Kopper Kart. Restyled by Customs by Flash and John Maurice, the build was started in 1999, and completed in 2008.
Walter Leeman's Second 1951 Chevrolet Fleetline of Delta, Colorado. The build was completed in 2009.
The Car Craft Dream Rod was built by Bill Cushenbery for Bob Larivee of Promotions Inc. The first drawings of the car appeared in Car Craft October 1961. The build was completed late in 1963. In 2009 Mark Moriarity completed a restoration of the car.

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Hot Rods of the 2000s

Darrel Panfil's Munster Koach Tribute Car
Henrik Forss' Bucket T
Junichi Shimodaira's 1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan - Rod Riguez
Karl Knecht's 1932 Ford Roadster

Custom Cars of the 2000s

Bob Benn's 1936 Ford 3 Window Coupe
Frank Livingston's 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline - The Caribbean II
Jesus Valencia's 1949 Chevrolet Club Coupe
Frank Epstein's 1951 Chevrolet Bel-Air
Walter Leeman's Second 1951 Chevrolet Fleetline
Bert Gustavsson's 1951 Dodge
Joseph Garcia's 1951 Ford
Rick Reynoso's 1951 Ford
Chris Gomez' 1951 Kaiser
Bill Layman's 1954 Mercury
Nick Phillips' 1955 Chevrolet Convertible
Vic Collins' 1955 Chevrolet Truck - The Kopper Kart Klone
Gary Fioto's 1955 Ford - The Beatnik
Lasse Mäenpää's 1958 Chevrolet Impala
Richard Zocchi's Second 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix

Show Cars of the 2000s

Aaron Grote's Atomic Punk
Anthony Castaneda's Brown Neck Bandito
Dave Shuten's Astrosled
Dave Shuten's New Mysterion
Fritz Schecnk's Roswell Rod
Mark Moriarity's Futurian

Show Cars Restored in the 2000s

The Car Craft Dream Rod

Custom, Body and Paint Shops of the 2000s

Customs by Flash
Drag 'N Shop
Lucky 7 Customs
Old Tin Rods
Oz Welch
Starlite Rod & Kustom

Custom Upholsterers and Upholstery Shops of the 2000s

Bob De Vine
Everlast Upholstery

Hot Rod and Custom Car Shows of the 2000s

Jokers Car Show


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