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Dick Kalivoda and John Hamlin's 1925 Ford Modified Model T Roadster of Seattle, Washington. The car had a racing past when Dick bought it, and the car is also known as Ed Norton & Armie Marion's 1925 Ford Model-T Roadster. Dick bought the car from Ed and Armie in the late 1950s,and he hit the strip with it in 1960.
Ed Norton & Armie Marion's 1925 Ford Model-T Roadster of Seattle, Washington. Ed and Armie were members of the Clutchers of Seattle car club.
Jerry Berg's 1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe, of Seattle, Washington was built between 1956 and 1958. Jerry's coupe is known as The Northern Star.
Bill Grader's 1936 Ford Roadster, of Seattle, Washington.
Dick Brooks' 1940 Ford Convertible, was originally restyled by Jean Sheppard of Seattle, Washington in 1952.
Jerry Berg's 1947 Mercury Convertible, this was the car that Jerry drove in high school in Seattle in 1954.
Buzz McLeod's 1954 Ford Convertible of Seattle, Washington. Buzz was a member of the Draggin Sirs of Seattle car club, and the build, named "Little Star" was completed in 1958.
A group photo of the Seattle Headers car club. Photo courtesy of Eirik Berg.
Custom painter Dick Kalivoda's business card. Dick was from Seattle, Washington. Photo courtesy of Dick Page.

Hot Rods of Seattle

Ed Norton & Armie Marion's 1925 Ford Model-T Roadster
Jerry Sprague's 1932 Ford Roadster
Keith Treece's 1932 Ford Roadster
Ted Larson's 1933 Dodge Sedan - The Ramrod
Jerry Berg's 1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe - The Northern Star
Richard Flynn's 1937 Ford
Jerry Helman's 1940 Ford Coupe

Custom Cars of Seattle, Washington

Jerry Udell's 1935 Ford 3-Window Coupe
Ron Weiskind's 1935 Ford Roadster
Bill Grader's 1936 Ford Roadster
Dick Brooks' 1940 Ford Convertible
Harry Delalaye's 1946 Buick
Jerry Berg's 1947 Mercury Convertible
Jim Berg's 1949 Chevrolet Convertible
Bob Mikko's 1949 Ford Convertible
Buzz McLeod's 1954 Ford Convertible
John Buchan's 1956 Chevrolet - Madame Fefe
Gene Dickson's 1956 Plymouth
Bob Huffman's 1965 Chevrolet Impala

Competition Cars of Seattle, Washington

Dick Kalivoda and John Hamlin's 1925 Ford Modified Model T Roadster

Car Clubs of Seattle, Washington

Clutchers of Seattle
Draggin Sirs of Seattle
Di-Gammas of Seattle
Seattle Headers
Seattle Kustom Club
Seattle Ramblers

Upholstery Shops of Seattle, Washington

Acme Upholstery

Custom Painters of Seattle, Washington

Dick Kalivoda

Citizens of Seattle, Washington

Armie Marion
B. C. Waters
Bill Grader
Bob Mikko
Bob Schoonhoven
Buzz McLeod
Dick Brooks
Dick Kalivoda
Ed Norton
Gene Dickson
Harry Delalyae
Jean Sheppard
Jerry Berg
Jerry Helman
Jerry Sprague
Jerry Udell
Jim Berg
John Hamlin
Keith Treece
Richard Flynn
Ron Weiskind
Ted Larson

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