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An early photo of Jack with the Vicky. Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
An early version of the Vicky featuring red pinstriping and nerf bars. Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
A photo of Jack's Victoria taken at the 1976 Detroit Autorama. This photo appeared in American Cars of Southern Norway Newsletter No. 1 - 1976.
Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
The Vicky featuring a second rear nerf bar. Photo from The HAMB.
A photo of the Vicky taken at the 1977 NSRA Nats in St. Paul. Photo from The HAMB.
Photo from The HAMB.
Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
The Black Cherry version of the Vicky. Photo from The HAMB.
A photo of the Vicky taken at the 1979 Port Huron Autorama. Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
In the early 1980s the Victoria was painted Charcoal Metallic. This version featured molded running boards, a new hood, and a filled top. Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
Photo from The HAMB.
The red version of the Victoria featured painted chrome. Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
Photo from The HAMB.
A photo of the Vicky coming home from the Nats South in Knoxville in 1986. Photo from The HAMB.
A photo of the Victoria taken at the 1988 Goodguys Maumee, Ohio show. Photo from The HAMB.
The Victoria as it appeared when Scott Yangihara bought it in 2013. Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
The Victoria as it sat when Scott advertised it for sale in February of 2016. Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.
Photo courtesy of Scott Yangihara.

1934 Ford Victoria owned by Jack Pieknik of Detroit, Michigan. Jack bought the car in Detroit, Michigan in 1971. He paid $800 for it, and had to sell a 1940 Ford coupe and a 1966 Ford Mustang to come up with the money for the car. It was advertised as a sedan, but when Jack and a friend went to see it they saw that it was a Vicky. The car was rumored to be built by Downriver Modified member Ray Hosh of Detroit, Michigan in the 1950s. Some of the work was also said to be done by Dick Dean when he was a member of the Modified's.[1] According to later owner Scott Yangihara, recent info may lead to Hosh being a shortened version of Ray's last name. When Jack bought the car, the grille was damaged. It had been chopped and channeled, and the deck lid was hinged as a trunk. The headlights were molded to the fenders, a treatment similar to the one Bill Hines gave Marty Ribits' 1934 Ford cabriolet, another Downriver Modified car. After Scott Yangihara bought the car, Jack told him that Dick Dean supposedly built the fenders for Ernie Szelesi's 1934 Ford; "Ernie didn't like them, so Ray got them for his car." When Jack bought the car, it had a 1953 Oldsmobile driveline that featured hydro trans Olds Treadle-Vac and rear end. The engine block was cracked, so Jack installed another Oldsmobile engine in it. He also covered the damaged grille with a license plate and drove it while fixing it up.[2]

Jack drove the car to the first Street Rod Nationals, and he also showed it at the Detroit Autorama. He built a custom trailer that he pulled to the rod runs, and he won trophies for both the car and the trailer. At some time, Jack bought a wrecked Mustang that he installed a 289 engine and a C-4 transmission from. Later on, a 12 bolt rearend was also added along with Pete & Jake's 4 bar, a Super Bell Axle, disc brakes and a GM cross steer. The car progressed with the times, and Jack molded the running boards. He also had Al Bergler make the first of two hoods, and fill the top. Jack painted the car nine times while he owned it. The first version was painted black. About 1978 he painted it Black Cherry, which was a solid black base followed by Silver Pearl and House of Kolor Brandywine Candy. In the early 1980s it was painted Charcoal Metallic. The Charcoal version received an interior by Gary Benway. After that, it was painted Porsche Red. The Red version had the chrome painted for a contemporary street-rod look. Jack painted the car black again about 1988. He sold it in 1995, and it ended up with a collector in San Diego. The San Diego owner was working on the car when he passed away. After he passed away, the car was left outside with several other cars.[2]

The Victoria eventually ended up in Lake Elsinore, where the interior was redone to match one of the magazine articles. In 2013 Scott Yangihara of Hawthorne, California bought the car; "I always liked this car and remember seing it in magazines when I was a teen." When Scott got it, someone had replaced the floor from under the trunk to the rear seat, but it still had the rear seat the Jack made for the car. The last owner had also installed wide white radial tires and repro 1957 Cadillac hubcaps. The brakes were scary when Scott bought it, so he started to update them with a Pete & Jake's frame mounted pedal and master. He also replaced the Cadillac hubcaps with Older oldsmobile hubcaps.[2]

Sold to a Private Collector

In 2016 Scott sold the car to a private collector. He listed it for sale on Kustomrama, wanting to trade it for a running hot rod, or $30,000.[2]

Magazine Features and Appearances

Street Rodder November 1972
Rod & Custom October 1972
Street Rodder December 1979
Rod Action Yearbook 1984


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