Espen Volle's 1957 Plymouth

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An early photo of Espen's Plymouth, taken at Bekkelagshøgda where Espen lived. Photo courtesy of Espen Volle.
Photo courtesy of Espen Volle.
The Plymouth as it sat in 1974, after Espen had installed a 1957 DeSoto front on the car. Photo courtesy of Espen Volle.
A page from Espen's photo album. Photo courtesy of Espen Volle.
Espen bought the Hemi engine from Norway's first funny car, Hot Lemon, to install in the Plymouth. He sold the car and engine to a fellow from Hønefoss before he got around to install it. Photo courtesy of Jan-Odd Jakobsen.

1957 Plymouth Plaza owned and restyled by Espen Volle of Oslo, Norway.

First Car

Espen bought the Plymouth in 1973. It was his first car, and he bought it when he was 16 years old. "It came with an inline 6 engine, that was what we got for 2000 kr back then," Espen told Kustomrama in 2017. The interior was upholstered in black and white vinyl, and it featured a combination of rolls and diamond pleats. According to rumors, the car was upholstered in Trondheim.[1]

Hot Lemon

Espen's Plymouth was imported from California in the late 1950s, and it ran DB 25071 license plates when he bought it in 1973. After buying it, Espen installed a 1957 DeSoto front end on the car. In 1974 he bought a 331 Chrysler Hemi engine from Jan-Odd Jakobsen for the car. The engine came from Jan's "Hot Lemon" funny car. Prior to that, it sat in Erik Rødser's 1953 Studebaker, an old Oslo custom.[1]

Sold to Hønefoss

The car was in a bad condition when Espen got it. It was all rusted out, so Espen ended up selling it before he got his driver's license. He sold the car before he installed the Hemi engine. and both the car and engine were sold to a fellow from Hønefoss.[1]



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