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JOYRIDE/FLATOUT is Dan Quarnstrom's tribute to the hot rod culture of the 1960s. It is a scrapbook filled with old photos, stories, and memorabilia that he has spiced up and documented with his own hot rod designs. Click here to order your copy of JOYRIDE/FLATOUT from

JOYRIDE/FLATOUT: Hot Rods and Dream Machines
Author: Dan Quarnstrom
Paperback: 144 Pages
Publisher: Design Studio Press
Book Release Date: June, 2015

In February of 1963 Erik Quarnstrom took his son, Dan, to the 15th annual National Roadster Show in Oakland, California for his birthday. A spark and a lifelong passion was ignited; "When I walked through the doors of the Oakland Civic Center and onto the main floor it was a moment I've never forgotten, because it felt like I was walking into a gigantic box of Christmas ornaments - the jolt was immediate and the spectacle was overwhelming." This is how Dan describes the experience in his book 52 years later.

Dan Quarnstrom grew up in a psychedelic era filled with out-of-this-world show rods, wild surf music, Chuck Berry, MAD Magazine, and Ed Roth and monster T-shirts. His dad was a machinist fabricator at Boeing Aircraft, and Dan went on to become a successful illustrator, landing jobs for Coca-Cola, Rolling Stones magazine, and Rhythm & Hues Studio. Following his passion, Dan's career and resume span from rock and roll posters and hot rods to 3D animation for feature films, commercials, and video games. JOYRIDE/FLATOUT is Dan's tribute to the hot rod culture of the 1960s. It is a scrapbook filled with 50 years of old photos, stories, and memorabilia that he has spiced up and documented through his own crazy hot rod designs; "In this book, I revisit my original inspirations. I look at how I learned to draw for the sheer fun of it and recognize the opportunities I was presented with. Before I had a career, and throughout the one I've pursued, I've been obsessed by hot rods. What follows is the manifestattion of that passion."

JOYRIDE/FLATOUT is a beautifully designed book filled with wild artwork, old photos, and memorabilia. If you grew up drooling all over the covers of Car Craft magazine, while playing wild surf and building model kits, this book is a pleasant drive down memory lane and a must for your hot rod and custom book collection. It is also a cool ride for all of us that were born too late and wish they could have experienced the wild 1960s, when Ed "Big Daddy" Roth ruled the world. The book is sold through, and they also offer a sneak peek inside it. Click here to check it out for yourself!

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