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A Chancellors car club plaque. Photo courtesy of
Karl Krone's Bantam. Karl built the Bantam himself. It was originally powered by a Flathead engine, but Karl rebuilt it and installed a Chevrolet V8. Photo courtesy of Fred Austin.
Rick Menz' 1934 Ford Tudor-Sedan of Sepulveda, California. Rick began building the car in 1960. At the time he was a member of the Chancellors car club. He sold the Ford in 1962 before the build was completed.
A construction photo of the Chancellors Dragster. Photo from The Fred Austin Photo Collection.
The Chancellors of Van Nuys were also into motorcycles. Here is a photo of Eric Cleveland dated 1962. Photo from The Fred Austin Photo Collection.
Fred Austin's Model A roadster. Fred bought the roadster the way it looks in this photo for $ 300 USD. It had a 5/16x1/4 flathead. Photo from The Fred Austin Photo Collection.

The Chancellors was a car club from Van Nuys, California. The club was founded in the mid 1950s. Fred Austin became a member of the club around 1961. By then the club had a club house and a dragster, and it consisted of about 30 members. The Chancellors put on some big car shows at Devonshire Downs in the San Fernando Valley, something that really helped build up the clubs name and reputation. While Fred was a member of the club, Leon Clutterham was the President.[1]


Bob Booth
Eric Cleveland
Fred Austin
Jack Booth
Jim Spain
Joe Cardalouce
Karl Krone
Larry Delaney
Leo Clutterham
Polk Riley
Rick Menz
Rick Valese
Ronnie Fontana

Club Cars

Karl Krone's Bantam
Jack Booth's 1932 Ford Pick Up
Rick Menz' 1934 Ford Tudor
Rick Menz' 1956 Pontiac


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